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Wedding Checklist



Reserve Wedding Location
(church, synagogue, temple, other)
As soon as possible after the engagement
Book Wedding Officiate
(priest, minister, rabbi, notary, etc.)
Usually at the same time the location is being lined up checkbox
Determine Number of Guests Needed to determine reception location, and food budget and selection for caterer checkbox
Establish a Budget This should be done in conjunction with determining the number of guests and before proceeding so that you will be able to determine the facilities and services you can afford. Do you want 200 people, hors d'ouevres and no honeymoon, or 100 people, a nice buffet, and a weekend trip? You should have a firm idea of what you can spend before talking to the following vendors. Most of them will have different options for different price ranges. checkbox
Determine attire for attendants Formal, semi-formal, informal checkbox
Choose attendants  You do not have to have the same number on each side. checkbox
Guest list Have each set of parents/family make out their guests lists. checkbox
Reception Location / Caterer Be sure to investigate at least three options before confirming your date. Depending on your choices and budget, this may result in two separate providers (e.g., reception with one Weddings of Sarasota member catered by another Weddings of Sarasota member). checkbox
Hair & Make-up Be sure to book a date with your hair and make-up artist for you and your wedding party. checkbox
Photographer / Videographer

It's true that "a picture is worth 1000 words" so make certain to choose a photographer who communicates well and will enhance the ambiance of your day - not get in the way. Take the time to visit photographers-  on-line or in person and get a feel for their style and view samples of their work. 

Videography is a “must have” for the modern bride. Make sure you budget for this important part of your wedding day. You will be spending a lot of money on many things for your special event. For a fraction of the total cost, videography allows you to remember all the details. Your wedding video will be the only way to capture the audio of your vows, first dance song and toasts. Remember, your wedding video will influence your memories of the day, so please choose an experienced videographer with an eye-for-beauty to capture your special in flattering light. Your grandchildren will thank you one day ~ how priceless is that? 

( This encourages brides to budget for videography early on, instead of trying to come up with money at the end of planning. Many brides regret not having their wedding video taped.)
Florist Again, talk to at least three different florists. Reserve your date - coordinate specific bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, etc. based on your florist's recommended timetable. checkbox
Baker Reserve your date - coordinate details of wedding cake and other items as appropriate. checkbox
Musicians, Disk Jockey, etc. Reserve your date - coordinate details one-two months in advance. checkbox
Set appointments for hair, medical, dental  Hair & Make-up artists book early. Use a professional for your make-up and hair so that you are "picture perfect" for your special day. checkbox
Select Bride's gown  Gowns are trending in pastels as well as the traditional white or ecru. Gowns with colorful embroidery are exciting and vibrant for colorful weddings. checkbox
Select attendants' gowns and accessories  Attendees often mix their dress styles and wear a rainbow of colors - be creative. checkbox
Select china, crystal and silver patterns  This may seem old-fashioned - but it's good to set up your registry and choose the patterns that you want to enjoy for years of entertaining & nourishment. checkbox
Register with gift & department store registries  Choose your favorite shopping shots, local or on-line stores and offer a variety of price points for your guests. checkbox
Plan the seating for the bridal table, parents' table, and other tables, if applicable  Seating your guests can be a chore. Your coordinator (and you should have one for at least day of) can assist with your seating plan. checkbox
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